01. Internet Connectivity

The institute has arranged for dedicated, wireless 10 Mbps radio link for high speed Internet access round-the-clock so that the students remain updated with the latest developments across the globe. They also collect lot of material for their project work. Every faculty and technical staff is given access to internet.


03. Hostel Facilities

The Institute provides hostel facilities separately for boys and girls. The boy’s hostel has a capacity of 400 and the girl’s hostel has a capacity of 100.The capacity of the hostels is being augmented to accommodate more students. Further information can be obtained from hostel office.


05. Canteen

The canteen in the campus serves fresh and hygienic food products.


07. Transportation

The institute has Transportation Facility for Students and Staff as following:





02. Workshop Tools

All the engineering students are required to undergo workshop practice during which they have to use various tools which are generally required to be purchased by the students. In order to relieve the students off from purchasing and carrying all the necessary tools, the institute provides all the tools along with apron in the workshop at nominal charge.


04. Student Store

The student store provides all the required stationery to the students at reasonable cost. In addition, the PCO and Xerox facilities are also available in the store. The store also has Book Bank facility.

industrial visit

06. Insurance Coverage for Students

While the institute takes all precautionary safety measures to avoid any accident during the college hours particularly while they are performing experiments, the students are covered under Students Safety Insurance Scheme of New India Insurance Company with yearly premium of Rs.10/- only.


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